It's not JUST a new website!

Apollo Piano has had a nice looking website for some time now. It has also been easy to find - Google likes it - but, it wasn't easy enough for me, as an owner, to continue to make changes to the site as we grow and continue to add services and products for our customers. We also never had a Used Piano Gallery, and instead relied on Craigslist ads to show both our pianos, and our customer's pianos which we had consigned.

With our new website, we are able to show you every piano in a product line-up, both new and used. We also have the ability to add a calendar of events, and, as we have more events in the store, you'll be able to read about them online.

Finally, I needed a home for The Apollo Piano Foundation. Apollo Piano collects used pianos, fixes them up, and donates them to families with children for whom a piano is simply out of reach. As this program grows we'd like to provide more funding for piano teachers to teach these children, and, in order to grow The Apollo Piano Foundation, I need to promote it as much as possible.

However, while the site is active and working, not all of the content was perfected before the launch. As is often the case with small businesses, providing content to a web developer is not always the highest priority for us. By launching the site As-Is, it has 'lit a fire' under me and my staff to continue tweaking the site until it's exactly as I want it. Stay tuned as I add to the Gallery, upload more photos, and create more banners, all supporting and promoting pianos, and everything Apollo Piano does with them and for our customers.

Please peruse the site and feel free to send me any comments, as I'm sure to miss something. Launching at this time was right for all the the reasons mentioned and more, so I'm thrilled to unveil www.ApolloPiano.net today.

Let's make music!

VIncent Chambers

Owner, Tuner/Technician