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Rental Pianos - Programs & Policies

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The Apollo Piano Love it or Leave It Rental program is the most economical way to get a piano into your home right now. Build equity in the piano you’re renting, or step up to something else (like a baby grand?) and let the playing begin!

We rent new Yamahas, late model Yamaha, Kawai, and other brands, and reconditioned classics starting at just $29 per month.

Our Policies (FAQ)

What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental charge is for one full month, regardless of how long you keep your piano. If you return your piano after only 24 hours, you are still responsible for one month’s rental fee at the non-discount rate.
NOTE: The one (1) month minimum rental does not apply to Event Rentals.

What happens if I need to return a piano early?

Apollo Piano does not charge penalties for early returns. If you return your piano before the rental contract has expired, you will simply be responsible for paying the difference in the cost. For example, if you have a 12 month term at $48 (20% off the regular price of $60) and you return the piano at 9 months, your contract will be recalculated at the 6 month term which has a 10% discount rate of $54.

What do I do when the contract is over?

You may renew your contract, continue month-to-month at your current price, or return the piano.

Is tuning included with my rental?

Yes! However, you must tune your rental piano at least twice per year while renting. The good news is that we love our rental customers, and give them $50 off tunings!

What about repairs, sticky keys, squeaks, and maintenance needs?

All maintenance is included in the rental price. If there’s a problem, call the store at 530-924-4469 and we'll take care of it immediately.

Am I renting a good quality piano?

Apollo Piano only rents well-maintained, quality pianos. We also look for pianos that we’d like to have in our homes, so looks do count! University or Conservatory piano majors looking to practice more than an hour or two per day (especially 6 hours per day!) should call us about arranging for a professional grade Yamaha U-1 or U-3.

Are your prices competitive?

Our prices are very competitive. Feel free to compare our prices to other instrument rental companies; you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

How much is the initial payment?

We charge your first month's rent plus $175 delivery for an upright, or $250 for a grand.

How do I make payments?

Apollo Piano accepts PayPal, all major credit cards, and checks by mail. Once you rent from us, your monthly rental fee may be automatically deducted from your PayPal or to the credit card by agreement.
NOTE: While we do accept checks, late payments will result in a $20 late fee, and will result in a loss of your Rental Term Discount

Can I buy the piano I am renting?

Yes, but you're under no obligation to purchase that piano.

Do you Rent To Own?

Your first 6 – 12 months of rental fees may be applied toward the purchase of any of our pianos (not just the one you’re renting). If you would like to buy the piano, Apollo Piano will
a) apply your first 12 month’s payments as a down payment, then you’ll pay the balance with cash, check, or credit card, or…
b) apply your first 12 month’s payments and have you apply for a musical instrument loan to pay the balance of the piano. Although we do not carry our own loans, we will help you go through the process of securing financing for your new piano.

Do used pianos come with a warranty?

Yes! For complete details click HERE.

Where should I put my piano?

Putting a piano against an outside wall may cause it to go out of tune more quickly, but this can depend on the insulation of the wall, whether or not a window is behind the piano, etc… More importantly, do not place your piano next to heating and cooling registers. The fast changes created by air conditioners and heaters coupled with the the dry air will affect your piano even more quickly than an outside wall. If you have a question about the placement of your new piano, give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your options with you.